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Shows CEO of Senior Care Advocates, Greg Steen, Discussing Senior Advocacy Services with Fox26 News
Greg is certified in Life Resource Planning and brings over three decades of leadership and experience in financial advice, asset protection strategies, and post-retirement planning. Senior Care Advocates is an estate planning firm based in Fresno, CA and the only one in the Central Valley to be accredited by the National Care Planning Council.

In 2020, Greg saw the need for accurate and credible information to all those in need, not just personal clients. As a result, and with a desire to give back, Greg and his wife Stephanie founded Truth4Seniors. Truth4Seniors will soon provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to seniors and those who care for them, all at no cost.

Greg is an active advocate for veterans’ rights and serves as an advisor to several local non-profit organizations. He is a member-in-good-standing of the California Senior Legislature, and one of the first to be asked and accepted into the National Association of Senior Advocates.

Greg and Stephanie were married in 1983 and have five children and four grandchildren. They make their home in the Central Valley of California.

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